Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why Mediate?

I usually begin mediation sessions by asking a couple why they are coming to mediation.  This helps people to remember what kind of process and outcome they are hoping for - as well as lets me know how much they know about the process.

I met with a new couple last week, and when I asked them this question - I was blown away by their answers!  In 5 minutes, they described the most idealistic mediation process, and highlighted (what I see as) the benefits of mediation.  They said:

  • they want to stay amicable
  • mediation is less costly
  • mediation would allow them to maintain good communication
  • makes sense because they have a son
  • not a lot of contentious issues between them - why enter a process which might create conflict?
  • avoid a war-like session
  • get guidance and counsel from neutral, objective persons
  • won't waste money
  • more antiseptic - won't create big wounds
  • more transparent - by starting discussions in the room together, they would explore information together, and decide together
So beautiful!

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